Sunday, 29 September 2013

BlackBerry's Secret Unveiled !!

Ok so we've all seen the tabloids the past month Canadian company blackberry is plummeting, share holders and brokers are losing millions because of it. Sure many people will say they saw this coming, i totally agree Blackberry was behind the ball when it comes to its competition! Blackberry's shares have never been so low, concerning everyone with the job losses occurring and how long those people will have to look for jobs who wouldnt.

In what might be its last earnings announcement as a public company,BlackBerry Ltd. posted its biggest quarterly loss – almost all of it due to unsold smartphones.
BlackBerry announced Friday it lost $965-million (U.S.) in the three months ending Aug. 31. Having only sold 3.7 million smartphones during that time, BlackBerry posted a loss of $1.84 per share – far worse than most analysts expected, but in line with a preannouncement last week that signalled the headline numbers in advance.
Yes numbers dont lie.. and it does seem like there is no hope, but rumors have it from president and founder of 5spot Limited that the company has acquired a off shore fund of 3.8 billion from a Chinese investor, this will take place sometime next month, blackberry till then has to cut more jobs to keep some of the companies equity for the period of time. Whether this is true or not has yet to be confirmed, but it makes sense im sure we'll see some sort of backing for this Canadian company!

I guess it makes sense if it is true they bought a brand new jet.. they still stand confident .. what do you think?!

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